The Value of Policies and Procedures

16 March 2020

The Importance of Policies and Procedures in every business

For some reason, a surprising number of businesses do not bother implementing or adhering to an appropriate set of policies and procedures. However, the advantages of having these are overwhelming.

Consistency in procedures and maintaining structure

Policies and procedures keep operations tidy and should bring about a streamlined system.

When everyone is following policies and procedures, your business should certainly run more smoothly, avoiding chaotic scenarios. All employees should know where they stand – what to do and what not to do. Any errors or mistakes are more easily identified and hopefully capable of being reversed. A decent set of policies and procedures helps avoid ‘blame culture’ which of course is most unhealthy for both the business and its staff.

Obviously, smoothly and efficiently run businesses will perform better financially. If staff follow policies and procedures, your business will use time and resources more efficiently which in turn helps growth.

Employees also gain from consistency – the ‘known’ rather than the ‘unknown’. Expectations are clear and non-performing employees are more easily identified and can be retrained or removed. Certainly, you will experience a healthier and happier workplace.

Customer service quality should increase

When procedures are followed, employees find tasks easier with better results. This reflects in a better output for your business regardless of the product or service it offers. This in turn enhances the reputation of your business.

A safer and happier workplace

A decent set of health & safety related policies and procedures can also improve the workplace environment, resulting in fewer accidents and incidents. Clearly this has superb knock on effects for your business as it will reduce your liability and help maintain operational consistency without interruptions. Employees are bound to be happier working in a safer environment.

A more efficient HR regime

Not only can under performing staff be more easily identifiable with policies and procedures, if the decision is to remove individuals, it can be a lot more straightforward to do with a set of HR policies and procedures in place. As staff expectations are there to see, any failure to adhere to these can be remedied lawfully, reducing the risk of tribunal costs.

Reduced regulatory intervention

Policies and procedures which are adhered to can reduce the risk of regulatory intervention – think of a) the Information Commissioner versus a compliant Data Protection Policy and Website Privacy Policy, b) The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) vs a robust compliant Health and Safety Policy.  

How do you implement Policies and Procedures?

Once they have been approved by management, publish them somewhere accessible e.g. a staff website, policy book, periodical, even a noticeboard! If a policy is technical or complex, why not have some training? It’s important for each member of staff to fully understand where they stand!

A Policy should ideally be readily accessible by any worker who needs to refer to it.

John Davies


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