Working from home successfully

25 September 2020

Working from home successfully

Boris Johnson has recently announced that workers should once more work from home if at all possible. Last March, we featured an article which detailed some contracts which might help you facilitate working from home successfully.

Since the original lockdown in March we have recently an increase in  people who have resumed travelling to the office whereas the majority have continued to work from home. As a result, more homes than ever are now suitably equipped to cater for the home office and there has been a substantial increase in the use of video to communicate with colleagues and customers. As a result, some organisations have long term plans to scale down their office operations and facilitate the home working model.

This shift in working behaviours has some important considerations for the health, wealth and mental wellbeing of home workers.

Get your work/life balance right.

Many individuals were used to working from home a couple of days each week even before the pandemic, while others had flexible work arrangements and such individuals had a settled routine.    

This has been an ongoing trend for some time. I have been working from a home office for a few years now and would agree it has considerably improved my work/life balance. I love the relaxed environment, lack of commute, home facilities being on tap, and being able to help with the school run! Sometimes I have outside appointments – usually in London, but these have been replaced by video calls just as thousands of others have done.

If you are new to this though – how has it been? Have you been more productive? Have you been disciplined enough to manage your duties and workload? Have you been sat outside when it's sunny or watching the TV?

Have you missed the office chatter and nipping out for lunch?  Have you felt lonely?

If you are self employed have you got around to sorting out contracts which you might not have previously considered such as our home office rental agreement?

Establish healthy routines

It is so important to work to regular hours and take sensible breaks and not become all consumed with work matters. Consistency comforts individuals and those around the individual as well. If you have children, it is important that they understand when you are and are not available for them.

You can increase productivity and treat yourself to some leisure time. You can mow the lawn or get the shopping done. You might save money on transport costs and child minding, so why not treat yourself now and again? You can be as accessible as you please. If you have been working from home since March, you will probably have invested in the equipment necessary to fulfil your requirements.

The new guidelines are expected to be in force for the next 6 months so if you have not already done so – make your home office space as comfortable as you can. The next 6 months will obviously include the forthcoming winter so let’s try to avoid any winter blues.

Ensure you have the right facilities at home

Improve your internet access if possible – splash out on that comfortable chair that keeps your back straight! Refrain from working whilst sat on the sofa and take decent and regular breaks.

There is no reason why the lack of commuting time and increased productivity should not be exploited by you. Go for walks and call/zoom your friends and colleagues.

We have a host of contracts which you might find useful in setting up or continuing to maximise the benefits of a home workplace.

John Davies
22nd September 2020


If you are considering working from home (yourself or perhaps those working for you), the following agreement templates may be of use: