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Often you have to be a jack of all trades and only calling in the experts when you get stuck or things go wrong. Unfortunately, where legal matters are concerned leaving it until things go wrong is often more costly than getting it right in the first place. That’s where Everyday-Legal can help. We have decades of legal contract experience across a broad range of business areas. If you have any contracts or legal agreements in need of a legal review, we have a cost effective service to help you!

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What our review service covers

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more persons or entities. Business contracts can be complex, so it is important you fully understand the terms of a contract before you sign anything and seek legal and professional advice first.

If you use our review service, you must send us all relevant information

We will check the following for you:

  • The essential ingredients required to be binding.
  • Details of the parties to the contract, including any sub-contracting arrangements.
  • Duration or period of the contract.
  • Definitions of key terms used within the contract.
  • A description of the goods and/or services that your business will receive or provide, including key deliverables.
  • Payment details and dates, including whether interest will be applied to late payments.
  • Key dates and milestones.
  • Required insurance and indemnity provisions.
  • Guarantee provisions, including director’s guarantees.
  • Damages or penalty provisions.
  • Renegotiation or renewal options.
  • Complaints and dispute resolution process.
  • Termination conditions.
  • Special conditions.
  • Compliance with general laws and regulations.

The review service has some boundaries. To summarise what is not normally included:

  • We won't take any legal responsibility for your contract (please refer to our terms and conditions).
  • Edit or amend your contract for you unless specifically agreed in advance. We are of course happy to do this for you, but this can be either a short or lengthy exercise depending upon the complexity of the contract. We can work all this out in advance with you. Much like our review service, any additional fees for such work are very competitive.
  • Enter into negotiations with the other party unless specifically agreed in advance.
  • Sign the contract on your behalf.
  • We do not offer legal advice but do share our expertise for you to decide your next course of action. (Note: Legal Advice is defined as the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation, which will often result in a person taking a specific course of action based on the advice received. Should you need actionable legal advice, we recommend you contact a suitably qualified and guaranteed solicitor for this)
  • We won't act as arbitrator or mediator in the case of any dispute with the other party.

We also offer a Tailor-made Service - Contact Us to see how we could help.

* We will send you a free document (PDF format) offering some great guidance on things to look for when reviewing a contract. By entering your email address you are accepting Everyday Legal's Terms of Service and opting in to our selective email marketing communications. See our Privacy Policy for details on how we protect your data and privacy. You can stop such communications at anytime by following the emails 'unsubscribe' link.

** Prices are per contract under review and include VAT. A review will commence once the initial £150 fee has been paid. Review timing can vary depending upon the complexity of the contract. We'll keep you informed of any delays or issues faced. Any additional pages agreed for review (when commissioned or subsequently during the review process) will charged for once at an agreed point during or after the review is complete.

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