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"That was easy – I found exactly what I needed at Everyday Legal!"

Just the legal template I was looking for

"That was easy – I found exactly what I needed at Everyday Legal. It was to the point and easily understood."

"That was easy – As a self employed professional services consultant, I often need a contractor’s agreement. I found exactly what I needed at Everyday Legal. It was to the point and easily understood. All I needed to do was fill in the details on screen and download the document. Simple!"

Kind words indeed from one of our satisfied Customers. 

We have over a 100 legal templates available covering a broad range of agreements, policies and formal letters. Finding the legal template can be tricky for anyone. So, we have done or best to offer a few easily understood ways to find the one that is right for you. 

When you look to Create a Document we have several ways to find what you are after. They are all easily accessible from that initial Create a Document screen. 

"Explore Document A to Z"

Initially, you are presented with a straight A-Z list of all our legal templates. If you know the sort of thing you are after, you can jump straight to the one you are after by selecting an A to Z letter link. Documents under each letter section are revealed. 

The other options are a quick selection away on the same screen. To right you'll see this panel. This initial A to Z page coupled with these options give you 4 different ways to find that all important document. 

"Answer Some Questions"

This search method will ask you a sequence of questions to help narrow down your search. If your not exactly sure the document you need, this may help you find what you are after. 

"Explore Document Collections"

We have curated some common document collections by personal circumstance, business departments and industries. For example, you may have just started your new business, employed a few people and need to secure a suite of HR policy documents. Well, you'll find a collection titled "HR Policy Documents" here!

"Document Word Search"

This option is classic word search facility. As you type something, document templates appear where the title contains the words you enter.