Blue Passports are back

03 March 2020

Our Blue Passports are back – this time carbon neutral!

If you are born after 1988, the chances are you will not have possessed or even seen a blue British passport. The traditional blue colour is returning however now the UK has left the EU, replacing the burgundy passports which have been issued for the past 30 years. The blue passports were first used in 1921.

The first new passports will be issued and delivered early March and their full re-introduction will be phased in. From mid-2020 all new passports will be blue. The back cover is going to have the embossed emblems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Furthermore, the carbon footprint produced through manufacture will be 100% offset by projects such as planting trees.

The new passport will also be the most technologically advanced British passport ever. It will see a host of new security features. It will also have a very strong polycarbonate data page, which contains innovative technologies embedded into the document, to keep personal data secure. It also has secure printing and design techniques, designed to afford better protection against identity theft and fraud and will be harder to forge.

Standard passports will continue to contain 34 pages. Frequent traveller passports will now contain 54 pages.

Those with valid, burgundy passports can continue to use their passport for travel until it expires.

John Davies