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27 November 2020

Everyday Legal – In Action!

As you may know we have a splendid selection of professionally written ready-made template agreements, policies, letters, and other documents available at incredible prices.

These are immensely popular amongst small businesses and individuals. We also have a thriving Tailor-Made Service whereby we write contracts or agreements to your specific needs.

We would like to show you a real-life example of how this works.

Have a look at these photos which have been provided by kind permission of our client who is the homeowner in question.

(reproduced with permission)
(reproduced with permission)
(reproduced with permission)


Our client and his wife decided some time ago that they needed a new kitchen.

The discussion gradually developed into having a whole new kitchen extension given that there was sufficient room to extend back into the garden. They decided to proceed and chose a small local building business MJM Development Civils and Groundwork to do the work.

They became aware of Everyday Legal and contacted us asking if we could prepare a contract which would safeguard their position concerning the work to be done.

The concerns were around the timetable of work, payment, guarantees, and completion date (given the time of year).

Additional concerns existed such as the quality of materials, services provided (including of course any subcontractors need for certain aspects), and recourse if anything went wrong.

The building work to be done involves not only the construction element but also the provision of the kitchen itself and all ancillary requirements such as gas, water, electricity, decorating, carpets, new patio etc.

They were aware that having such a project carried out would be a great enhancement to their property but carried risks, both operational and financial.


It was not a problem – the clients supplied the necessary work details, and we wrote a contract which both they and the builder were happy with. The contract was signed by the parties and is now binding. 

It was particularly enjoyable to write this contract as we have relevant experience within the construction industry (I myself have been on the board of directors of a household name construction company).


The customers are happy and relaxed knowing that the work is being provided on a legally sound footing. The builder is happy working and adhering to a clear and balanced contract. 

As you can see, the work commenced and is progressing well despite the very wet weather we have had. The customers are very much looking forward to their new luxury kitchen extension with a sliding door onto the new rear garden patio and BBQ area.

We must just say as well, our fees for drawing up this contract easily beat those of a typical High Street solicitor. Incidentally – the builder liked our contract so much, he is now one of our customers!

If you would like any specific contract or other legal documents on a Tailor-Made basis, please do contact us!

John Davies

24th November 2020

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