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News Release - 01 July 2020

Everyday Legal Appears on Kent Business Radio Show Business Bunker

Paul Andrews (Host of "Business Bunker" Radio show)

Business Bunker Radio

June 30th, 2020 1pm-3pm - Show 283

One of our founders and regular Everyday Legal blogger John Davies got the opportunity to talk with Paul Andrews on the popular business radio show / podcast "Business Bunker Radio".

A fantastic opportunity to explore what Everyday Legal is all about and the challenges faced by everyone trying to do the right thing in their personal and business lives. 

John and Paul talk candidly about the challenges seen far too often by consumers, small, medium and large businesses and how Everyday Legal is helping people improve their legal position. Covering many aspects from family matters, business set-up, ownership, trading and how www.everday-legal.co.uk can help. The episode lifts the lid on some classic mistakes and misunderstandings made by even the most seasoned individual or business entrepreneur. 

Saving you time and money

The radio show gave us the opportunity to explain what Everyday Legal is - We are all about empowering the individual to take better ownership and control of the legal aspects of their personal and business life. We have a plethora of legal document templates that are quick and easy to explore and create. What's more, creation and editing is free. Explore our templates here 

Can't find what you are after?

Well don't forget, as well as self service legal templates, we can offer a "Tailor made documentservice ! It's easy to get in touch right here .