Our Top Customer Needs in Everyday Legal's First 8 Months of Trading

30 October 2020

A Review of Customer Needs In Our First 8 Months of Trading


We updated our experience after the first 4 months trading. Well – it is now 8 months, so I thought it was time to reflect and let you know which areas of our service seem to be the most requested by our clients.  


We are still seeing a combination of demand for both our wide selection of ready made legal templates of agreements and letters for self-populating, and the tailor-made service which we proudly offer to those of you who require something individually written.


The following is a summary of the most sought after areas...


1. Shareholder Agreements


In respect of the tailor-made service, we have written a number of compromise or settlement agreements. This work reflecting now dissenting shareholders of companies that traded without a sound Shareholder Agreement. These chiefly comprise small businesses, and surprisingly (or not) include those set up by friends who for some reason or another no longer see eye to eye.

The vast majority of these disputes occurred because of the lack of guidance and control which one of our Shareholder Agreements would have given and might therefore have been avoided.

The absence of these agreements not only added to the existing tension between the individuals but also resulted in increased professional fees. Please remember that what can start as a happy and rosy relationship can turn into something unhappy and fractious. The absence of any agreement setting out rights and obligations can be dangerous and expensive.


Just to remind you that we have a selection of templates for Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements and LLP Agreements.

There really is a need for them.

2. Working from Home

Unsurprisingly, this area is in high demand. We have dealt with this subject in previous blogs and so many individuals have successfully changed their working routines. Have a look at our Office Sharing Agreement template and Home Office Rental Agreement template.


3. Other Income Producing Rental Agreements


Owing to Covid, many individuals are attempting to increase revenue by renting out assets. You may have income producing assets without realising. It might be a house whilst you are living somewhere else, a spare room, lock up facility, motorhome, car, or anything else that might be useful to somebody else. You might even have a car parking space that you could charge for!

We have had an interesting variation of appetite for these and our selection of rental agreement templates really does help people earn those extra pounds. 

4. Last Will and Testament

At the beginning of lock down, many individuals sought to put their affairs in order which included obtaining a first or revised Last Will and Testament. This is certainly reflected in our figures and demand is still high. Please remember that our template is up to date and even includes an facility to properly leave crypto currency if required! Some weeks ago, we did a blog and guide to help you complete a Will (Remember, it costs you nothing to create and edit such a document using our service - We only charge if you want to download the document). 


5. Employment Contracts

We have noticed that a number of business still seem to be ignoring the need for a basic Employment Contract. This can leave employers quite vulnerable, especially if there is a dispute. Furthermore, and linked with shareholder disputes, a number of directors do not have the protection and clarity offered by either a Senior Employment Contract or Non-Executive Letter of Appointment

We offer a wider template service in respect of HR matters and boast a wide selection of Employment related Letters and Policies.


6. Policies

Policies and Procedures are so important for the governance and risk mitigation of a business. Demand has been high. We have also helped customers become registered with the Information Commissioner and have supplied a range of policies from employment and equal opportunities to basic privacy policies and website terms and conditions.


Please remember that all our templates are easy to fill in and download. If there is ever anything you cannot find, please contact us!

We are here to make your everyday requirements as easy as possible.


Here’s to the next 4 months!



John Davies

27th October 2020




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