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The 'Debt Collection' Collection

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One of the unfortunate aspects for many in business is that of chasing the payment of invoices (sometimes referred to as "Aged Debt" or "Dunning" processes). Help is at hand with this collection of documents aimed specifically at this thorny area.

This template letter is a friendly written first contact when one of your bills/debts/accounts appear not to have been paid. Hopefully, this letter will prompt payment but if the sum remains unpaid please see our further options to send something more forceful!
A 'business letter accepting payments in instalments' document.
Use this letter to threaten court proceedings when all previous efforts have failed to achieve results. This is however a formal letter confirming that you will proceed to a court to seek the required remedy. Accordingly, it is not the letter to send more than once and tends to be used by those who really mean it!
A 'business letter proposing payments in instalments' document.
A 'business second debt recovery letter' document.

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